Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Edible Balcony - Awash with morning sun

Took a few quick snaps this morning of the Edible Balcony so you could see it in its autumn splendour.

Being north facing autumn and winter is when the balcony is flooded with light and sunshine.

The thai chillies in the foreground and the tomatoes on the back wall have had a second round of flowering and fruiting.

This gorgeous coloured herb in the front is a curly-leafed purple basil - my favourite herb on the balcony - so, so fragrant and pretty to look at.

This is the tiny-leafed Greek basil variety which is quite citrusy. Very easy grower if you're looking for a basil hit over winter.

Last of the cherry tomatoes. Definitely planting this 'Tiny Tim' variety again. Prolific fruiter and very sweet. No fruit fly or pest problems.

The rhubarb is starting to erupt. Haven't cooked with it yet. Waiting for sufficient stalks to make an apple, rhubarb and glace ginger crumble.

My rocket patch.

The marigolds have done a sterling job at keeping pests at bay.

the curry leaf tree is enjoying all this direct sunlight

And still a few more tomato flowers emerging


  1. It looks amazing! So well established now.
    PS Great camera!

  2. Thanks Little Miss Brisvegas . They're a happy lot of plants !!

  3. You have inspired me.
    I love Gardening Australia and have aways wanted a vege garden.
    After seeing you I have stared one on my balcony and love it.